‘You don’t know he’s playing’: Pundit says £35m Liverpool man is often invisible in games

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‘You don’t know he’s playing’: Pundit says £35m Liverpool man is often invisible in games



Liverpool have been absolutely brilliant this season.


The Reds are top of the Premier League for a reason, they’ve been the best team in England this season, and they may well be champions come May.


However, while Liverpool have been brilliant, there are a few players who still have plenty of room to improve.


Indeed, while almost every Liverpool player has been fantastic this season, there is still some room for improvement in some areas.


Speaking on The Stand with Eamon Dunphy, John Giles has been discussing one Liverpool player who he believes needs to be more vocal and imposing on the pitch.


Liverpool have a player who needs to be more aggressive

Giles spoke about Alexis Mac Allister and the fact he can be quiet on the pitch sometimes.


“I think he’s a really talented lad, but he needs to impose himself more on the pitch. If you don’t demand the ball 50% of the time you won’t get it. When he gets it he’s excellent, but you can see by his demeanour on the pitch, he’s not an aggressive lad, he does it quietly,’ Giles said.

“I’d love him to get on the pitch and be a Roy Keane. Sometimes I see him play and he doesn’t get a kick for ages because he isn’t demanding. He’s at that age now, some matches you see him in and you don’t know he’s playing, but when he gets it he’s excellent.”


Alexis Mac Allister is clever

As much as we do like a midfielder in that mould who shouts for every ball, and goes into every tackle, but as the old saying goes, less is more sometimes.


Mac Allister can sometimes be rather invisible in games, but that also allows him to ghost through matches and pop up unmarked in key areas.


His assist against Brighton at the weekend was sublime, and that was only possible because he wasn’t picked up in the build-up, but if he was screaming and shouting for the ball, he’d attract markers the like a flame attracts moths.


The £35m man is fantastic, and we wouldn’t be quick to ask him to change his game.

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