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‘Recently’: Roy Keane says there’s something he’s noticing ‘every time’ he watches Liverpool at the moment

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‘Recently’: Roy Keane says there’s something he’s noticing ‘every time’ he watches Liverpool at the moment



The Premier League title race took another twist on Sunday as Liverpool returned to the summit.


With Manchester City and Arsenal facing each other it was always likely to be a big day. Nothing but a win would do for Liverpool as Brighton came to Anfield.


Having failed to beat the Seagulls in any competition since 2022 though, it wasn’t a given that the Reds would win.


In the end, the magic of Alexis Mac Allister saw them through. The 25-year-old was the game’s defining figure as he came back to haunt his former side.


At this stage of the season, the result is the only important thing, really. But having said that, Manchester United legend Roy Keane has pointed out something that should give Liverpool fans even more encouragement.


What has Roy Keane said

In fairness to Keane, he has begrudgingly named Liverpool as title favourites following yesterday’s action.


After City and Arsenal could only limp to a disappointing 0-0 draw, the Irishman told Sky Sports that the Reds should now have the edge over their rivals.


“I think Liverpool, I’d have them favourites,” said Keane. “Arsenal second favourites with their goal difference. City with their injuries and the strain of everything – Champions League coming up, same as Arsenal.”


Backing up his comments, the former United captain claimed that Liverpool’s ability to create chance after chance is really standing out to him right now.


“Every time I watch Liverpool, we can look at one or two faults they might have, but they get so many chances every game, they’re going to score lots of goals.


“I’ve said Man City [previously] but what I’ve seen recently, I’m going to go with Liverpool.”


Are Liverpool Premier League title favourites

With Liverpool now back on top of the Premier League with nine games to go, you can understand why Keane – and others – want to proclaim them as favourites.


However, we’re not sure it’s quite that simple. There are still just three points separating the division’s top three sides.


With all three having tricky games at various stages, there will be more swings to come. Liverpool could easily be back in second or third by this time next week. As long as they’re within striking distance, that wouldn’t rule them out.


But it also must be said that the Reds now have it completely in their hands. It’s important that they don’t let that slip over the coming six weeks. It’s all to play for, but we wouldn’t declare a favourite just yet.

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