Liverpool rivals ‘hate’ Jurgen Klopp habit as players complain to Trent Alexander-Arnold

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Liverpool rivals ‘hate’ Jurgen Klopp habit as players complain to Trent Alexander-Arnold

Jurgen Klopp uses every trick in the book to give Liverpool an edge over their Premier League rivals.


Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold claims that many of his Premier League rivals have complained to him about Jurgen Klopp staring them down during pre-match warm-ups. The Reds boss standing intimidatingly on the half-way line before kick-off has become a common theme since he landed at Anfield in 2015.


Seemingly deployed as a scare tactic, the sight of the 6ft 3in former Borussia Dortmund manager Klopp standing and staring at the opposition’s warm-up routine has struck fear into many players over the years.


Sky Sports pundit and former Arsenal star Theo Walcott claims that he was caught out by it during his playing days. “I remember you’d be warming up, in your routine, then all of a sudden you’d get eye contact with Jurgen Klopp and it’s like fire,” he said.


“So intimidating. He caught me once, so I’m sure he will have caught many players over the years. I’m sure there’s a reason behind that but he definitely scared me.”


Reluctant to give Klopp too much praise, Manchester United legend Roy Keane quipped back to Walcott that he would have been ‘scared of the mascot’. Alexander-Arnold claims that the former England winger isn’t the only player to feel the heat of Klopp’s stare-downs.


When asked whether the manager would report back to the dressing room what he had found, Alexander-Arnold told Sky Sports: “Not at all. He just keeps a mental note.

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