Jamie Carragher says who he is hoping wins on Sunday… Arsenal or Manchester City

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Jamie Carragher says who he is hoping wins on Sunday… Arsenal or Manchester City



Arsenal face Manchester City on Sunday in a game that will have huge ramifications on Liverpool’s season.


Liverpool fans across the country will be watching this game with bated breath as this game may well decide who the Reds’ main rivals for the Premier League title are this season.


Jamie Carragher will, of course, be watching this match with his Liverpool head on, and speaking on The Overlap, he’s now discussed who he wants to win this huge game.


Jamie Carragher shares how he feels about Arsenal vs Man City

Carragher discussed this game, and while he said that he wants City to lose in order to dent their title hopes, he also wouldn’t mind a loss for Arsenal as then they would be entirely out of the title race.


“I totally agree with you, my point being that if City lost on Sunday they can still win the league, but if Arsenal lose I don’t see how they can win the league. From a Liverpool perspective surely you want City to lose, but City can win the league if they get beat and I don’t see Arsenal winning the league if they get beat. Then from a Liverpool perspective you’re fighting against one team. I know the points aren’t that much, but psychologically it would affect you,” Carragher said.


Manchester City loss would help Liverpool

We can absolutely understand why Carragher is hoping for a City defeat here.


Pep Guardiola’s side are so ruthless when it comes to the final weeks of any season, and you have to fancy them to win every game from here on in.


Any dropped points from City at this point are a gift, and while Arsenal are brilliant, there’s almost an expectation that they will slip up at least once or twice somewhere down the road.


Realistically, a draw is the best result for Liverpool here, but if the Reds had to pick a winner, Arsenal beating Man City wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

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