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‘The knee’…Jurgen Klopp shares worrying update on Trent Alexander-Arnold injury

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‘The knee’…Jurgen Klopp shares worrying update on Trent Alexander-Arnold injury



Jurgen Klopp has spoken after Liverpool’s win over Burnley today and given an update on the injury to Trent Alexander-Arnold.


The right-back was taken off at half-time in an unexpected move from Klopp and in the end, it paved the way for the Reds to go and win the game, Of course, Liverpool fans will be concerned about Alexander-Arnold going off with an injury, given they are right in the title picture at the moment.


And speaking after the game, Klopp admitted that the injury for Trent is another knee problem and that’s why he was taken off at the break.


“Same area in the knee. Nothing really bad but he felt it again and we have to see. We will assess it. We were made aware of it in the game so thought ‘what can we do’ then Trent said ‘no it’s fine’. But it’s not as he feels it so we had to be careful and take him off,” Klopp said.


Alexander-Arnold injury a problem for Liverpool

Any team going for the title can ill-afford to have injuries, never mind injuries to some of their very best players.


Trent Alexander-Arnold having these little issues has potential to develop into something more problematic for Klopp and Liverpool and the Reds boss will be hoping he acted quickly enough today.


Losing a player like Trent when you’re going for the big trophies can be a nightmare and with City getting their top dog back in Kevin de Bruyne, Liverpool can’t afford to lose their best players.


Liverpool fans will be holding their breath on this one over the weekend it seems.


If he is to be injured again and miss games, then Liverpool will need to hope Conor Bradley can come back firing after suffering some terrible personal news.

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