Liverpool told two things Xabi Alonso would bring to club as Jurgen Klopp’s successor

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Liverpool told two things Xabi Alonso would bring to club as Jurgen Klopp’s successor



Xabi Alonso has been the outstanding candidate to take over at Liverpool since Jurgen Klopp announced he will leave the club at the end of the season last month.


Jamie Redknapp insists Xabi Alonso is the right candidate to take over as manager at Liverpool – saying the former Reds midfielder would bring an exciting style of play and ability to improve players to Anfield.


Alonso has been tipped to replace Jurgen Klopp in the hot seat at Anfield after he announced last month that he will leave the club in the summer. The former Liverpool midfielder has done an impressive job at Bayer Leverkusen and hopes to guide them to the Bundesliga title this season for the first time in the club’s history.


He has taken a significant step towards that after defeating title rivals Bayern Munich 3-0 at home on Saturday afternoon. Eager to succeed in his second year as manager, the Spaniard has publicly played down rumours of him taking over from Klopp at the end of the season.


Alonso has said he feels ‘happy’ in Leverkusen and is focussed on winning the title with the club. They are yet to taste defeat in the Bundesliga this campaign.

However, Redknapp believes he is the perfect fit for the Reds. “So much skill and awareness when he played and then to go on into coaching and just make it look so easy,” he told Sky Sports.


“It’s his second season as a manager, it’s just unbelievable, the transformation, the players, the style of play. The differences will be that people will look at, is his system.


“They play a three at the back predominantly, obviously Liverpool, throughout the years and all their successes have played four at the back. If he gets the job, because right now he’s an outstanding candidate.


“It’s a big risk for him, it’s a great opportunity. The opportunity of a lifetime, I don’t see how you can turn it around. But it does feel in his mind, he goes to bed every night, he wants to take care, win the titles in Germany and if he comes to Liverpool, he’ll be thinking ‘my Goodness, this has got to go right for me’.


“You’re following one of the greats in football in Jurgen Klopp, it’s not going to be easy but he knows he’s going to have all the support from fans if he gets the job. Everyone will be buying into what he wants to do.


“The team play with great energy, he’s improved players beyond recognition there. I don’t see any other candidates that are as good as him.”

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