New theory behind Jurgen Klopp’s shock decision to leave Liverpool emerges

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New theory behind Jurgen Klopp’s shock decision to leave Liverpool emerges


Jurgen Klopp will leave Liverpool at the end of the season after almost nine years at the helm, with the German having made the decision to walk away several months ago.


A new theory has emerged suggesting that Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool because he believes the players no longer need him as much. Reports suggest that Klopp, who shocked fans by announcing his departure from Anfield after nearly nine years, feels his team has reached new heights quicker than expected.


Despite last season’s struggles, Klopp managed to get his team back on track and even oversaw a midfield overhaul. Now, with this new-look Liverpool still in its early stages, Klopp reportedly feels he can leave with a proud legacy, according to the Telegraph.

If Liverpool had struggled to keep up with the leading teams, Klopp might have been motivated to stay longer, especially since his contract runs until 2026. However, despite last season’s difficulties, which saw Liverpool drop to tenth place before finishing fifth, Klopp was never under threat of being fired.


The owners never considered letting him go, and he remained popular with the Anfield crowd. It seems that Klopp’s only exit would be one he chose himself.


Even before the players knew about his departure, some people around Klopp noticed a change in his approach. One person at the training ground was heard saying “he is managing like it is his last year”, the report suggests.


Some have also noticed that the German seems to be managing in a slightly different way. He’s been braver and taken more risks with his team selection and has been trying to get academy graduates into the first-team picture even more than usual. Conor Bradley is one example.


When Klopp told Fenway Sports Group president Michael Gordon in November that he was leaving, there was no hint of it. The German had asked for extra time at that meeting to discuss something important and Gordon naturally asked if there was any chance he’d change his mind.


When he was told no, planning began for the next chapter of Liverpool’s history. Klopp kept his secret for several months but it became clear he had to tell the squad when his coaching staff were told and started planning their next steps, which meant the truth was always going to come out.

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