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‘That’s why Klopp was vexed’: Ian Wright says £27m Arsenal player was incredibly lucky v Liverpool yesterday

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‘That’s why Klopp was vexed’: Ian Wright says £27m Arsenal player was incredibly lucky v Liverpool yesterday



Ian Wright has suggested that Arsenal got lucky against Liverpool when it came to the sending off for Ibrahima Konate.


The Liverpool defender saw red for a second yellow in the second half after he felled Kai Havertz.


But while the decision might be correct according to the letter of the law, referee Anthony Taylor decided not to send Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes off for similar offences.


And according to Arsenal legend Ian Wright, it’s a decision that went in Arsenal’s favour, with the former striker believing if Konate sees red, then so does Gabriel.


Ian Wright says Gabriel lucky not to be sent off for Arsenal v Liverpool

Speaking on the latest episode of his Wright’s House podcast, Wright had the following to say.


“I thought the first one could have easily been, I think that the aggressiveness in which he threw him down I think I’d have like the referee to have said there ‘calm down’. This is what I’m saying about Kai, he had them, he was in them, he was causing problems to the point where you look at him and Konate to the point where he was just awkward around him. The referee could have said I’m keeping an eye because the next one you’re thinking could he have even got out of the way, it’s quite harsh,” Wright said.


“But, you do [have to send Gabriel off]. His foul on Nunez in the centre-circle was a booking and he was already on one. I think that’s why Klopp was vexed. I’d be vexed with that.”


The same old problem

What Ian Wright is talking about here is simply the issue we are seeing with refereeing all around the game at the moment.


Yes, Taylor probably had little option but to send Konate off in the end. But, he could have handled things better before that and when you take into Gabriel’s fouls, it makes no sense.


Jurgen Klopp was annoyed and when you look at it, he was probably right to feel that way.

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