‘He has done it all’: Cesc Fabregas backs ‘very intelligent’ coach to be Liverpool’s next manager

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‘He has done it all’: Cesc Fabregas backs ‘very intelligent’ coach to be Liverpool’s next manager


Liverpool are still on course to do the unthinkable and win all four trophies in what is now Jurgen Klopp’s final season at the club.


Last week, many were left surprised when the German announced that he was going to bow out after nearly ten years at the club.


Whilst that left many Liverpool supporters disheartened, it also opened up the debate as to who will now replace Jurgen Klopp.


Cesc Fabregas is backing his old mate Xabi Alonso to be successful in that role by stating ‘he is able to do it’ and how he has also ‘done it all’ in his career, as he told Planet Football.


The legendary midfielder, who is coaching in Italy himself, says the thriving Bayer Leverkusen coach is ‘very intelligent’, he has the ‘adaptability’ and the ‘personality’ to take the Anfield gig.


From coaching at Real Sociedad B to now being months away from ending Bayer Munich’s 11-year dominance in Germany, if Xabi Alonso can win the title, then you could see the Jurgen Klopp replacement written in the stars.


HITC Football have been told that the former Liverpool midfielder, alongside Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi, is on the list to replace Jurgen Klopp.


But when it comes to Xabi Alonso, this is what Cesc Fabregas had to say about a coach who he thinks is ‘really good’


Will Xabi Alonso become Liverpool’s next manager?

“The good thing with Xabi is that he is a very intelligent guy,” said Fabregas. “He has been up there and he has done it all. He has won it all. He knows the standards that are being set at Liverpool. The crowd love him.


“Also, I think he is a really good coach. He has got good ideas. Maybe he plays slightly differently, but I think he has got adaptability. This is what I see in him. I saw him when he was the coach of Real Sociedad B.


“Now at Bayer Leverkusen, he does different things that means he is capable of adapting to the situation and to different type of players to what he has got. And he has the right mentality.


“Again, we go back to it, the personality, to take it on board, to take the pressure and the challenge, because it won’t be easy, 100%. It won’t be like, ‘he has gone back there and we will start winning things straight away’. You need to make people believe straight away that you are the right guy for them.


“He is young, but Xabi, the great thing about him is that he has very clear ideas. He is an intelligent and stable guy. He has the right personality. It’s a big shout, but I agree, he is able to do it.”


How will Liverpool end the season?

Will the Reds win all four trophies this season? Whilst they were unbelievably close last time out. Around 180 minutes you are talking about, that final game of the season and the Champions League final.


If they get as close again, then the fans will seriously start to believe it can happen.


But, at the very least, they will be backing themselves to win numerous trophies, and if they do that, the next guy coming in still has a massive task on his hands.


Look, it’s difficult as it is replacing Klopp because of what he means to the fans, but if it were to be Alonso, then you know that everyone will back him, regardless.

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