‘JUST DON’T SEE’: Ange Postecoglou now predicts what will happen to Liverpool after Jurgen Klopp leaves

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‘Just don’t see’: Ange Postecoglou now predicts what will happen to Liverpool after Jurgen Klopp leaves



It has been a busy week at Liverpool, as the world digests the news that Jurgen Klopp will no longer be Reds manager from next season.


As the reaction has poured in, the names of potential successors have been mooted in some quarters. One of those put forward as a possible replacement has been Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou.


At this point, it seems unlikely that Postecoglou would be near the top of Liverpool’s wish list, though. The Australian seems settled at Spurs.


However, that hasn’t stopped Postecoglou from weighing in on current goings on at Anfield. In quotes via The Daily Mail last night, the 58-year-old predicted what will happen to the Reds once Klopp has departed.


“I just don’t see them coming back to the field,” he said. “Even with Jurgen going, there is a really strong squad, a really strong mentality and I’ll be very surprised if whoever takes over doesn’t continue to build on that.”


Postecoglou makes Liverpool prediction

By ‘coming back to the field’ it seems that Postecoglou means something like, ‘returning to the mean.’ He sees Liverpool still being out in-front.


The rest of his quotes about ‘whoever takes over’ wouldn’t really suggest that he’s preparing to make the switch to Anfield himself, though.


For most Liverpool fans, that’s probably a relief. Although Ange is doing a good job with Spurs – as is apparently a boyhood Red – he wouldn’t be the supporter’s choice.


Instead, the early feeling is that it’s full steam ahead on former midfielder Xabi Alonso.


FSG were even warned by Ben Foster yesterday that they risk upsetting the Liverpool fanbase if they hire anyone other than Alonso.


Although we’re not quite sure that’s completely true, the Spaniard would definitely be universally welcomed back at Anfield.



For someone like Postecoglou, they’d be in with a much more difficult task to first win over the locals.


In our opinion, the sheer fact that whoever comes in is going to be following Klopp makes Ange’s prediction a little bit shaky. There’s certainly no guarantee that the next man in the job continues the success Jurgen has had.


The foundations are there, but the German is still going to be one heck of an act to follow

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