Carragher calls out ‘mad’ suggestion about Edwards, Lijnders and Klopp

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Carragher calls out ‘mad’ suggestion about Edwards, Lijnders and Klopp



The news that Jurgen Klopp will depart Liverpool at the end of the season has led to equal outpourings of emotion and baffling statements, something Jamie Carragher wanted to call out.


Responding to a post on X from @SeanDOlfc, that read: ‘Klopp is a god in my eyes but let’s all be honest that it’s clear as day him and Lijnders are the reason Edwards left. The moment Klopp is leaving they’re asking Edwards to come back lol. Don’t listen to Corballyred.’


The Scouser stated: ‘I’m sure that’s true, but this idea from some people that Edwards & co are more or equally responsible for Liverpool’s success than Klopp is mad! Klopp has been a huge success at every club he’s been at, Edwards has been fantastic at one, alongside Klopp.’


It’s fair that the likes of Pep Lijnders, Vitor Matos, Peter Krawietz and Michael Edwards are handed praise for the work they have and/or continue to do on Merseyside and our manager will be the first to admit that.


However, the statement from the former defender is equally as important because the German’s role at Anfield has been nothing short of sensational.


It seems now that the feats of the boss are unrepeatable, although we all hope that this will be proven wrong in our short or long-term future.


The thought of the 56-year-old departing the Reds is still one that doesn’t bear thinking of but it’s a reality we all must face in the next few months.


For now, nobody can question that Klopp is the single most important reason we’ve seen the club clinch every major honour during his tenure and we’ll take some convincing to disprove that.


It’s good to see the likes of the Sky Sports pundit standing up for his legacy and anyone even thinking otherwise, is quite frankly wrong.


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